We’re an award-winning production company and creative agency established in 2001. Our speciality is storytelling in a unique and highly emotional way. Anyway, it’s not unusual for us to see audiences drying their eyes when the lights go back up in the movie theatre.

We have produced some quite successful feature films for the big screen and countless commercials, one of which became the most viewed spot in the history of the Super Bowl. Our client Cadillac was quite happy about it.

How we manage to do that? Well, first with an unbeatable bunch of talents from the world of film. With a bold approach. With first-class equipment. And with a level of commitment that goes above and beyond the limits for our partners, some of whom rank among the world’s most highly rated major brands. We simply burn to spark the fire in others.

We believe that a successful campaign should be honest, spread a message and challenge the norm. That’s why we’re probably one of the best companies for branded content in the whole business. Anyway, we won quite a few awards for that.

We develop creative film projects. From scratch. Or as we say: from script to screening. Always with an aesthetic flare and a strong connection between image and sound. That’s where our name comes from, by the way.

We believe it all leads to something that’s a bit larger than life: films that touch the heart.

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