LEGENDS OF SPEED auf Vimeo.com

We proudly present the brand new visualization of BMW’s newly curated and recently reopened racing exhibition inside their museum in Munich!

BMW approached us to create an entirely redesigned visual experience, so we came up with film backdrops that are mapped to the walls of the room, perfectly syncing with the exhibits.

The show film "LEGENDS OF SPEED" marks the highlight. Doors close and lights dim during that cinematic screening. We filmed the opening sequence right in the middle of the exhibition, which lets audience and projection merge. The line between reality and film blurs as you enjoy 60 years of joy and sorrow, success and defeat...

In addition to that, we created appropriate "spotlight films" for each exhibited race car and a 3D onboard experience of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

To enhance the feeling of being right in the middle instead of just there, the films have been created with original sounds and a compelling cinematic surround mix.

Visitors to this exhibition will experience an unforgettable racetrack atmosphere and feel the rush of adrenaline. Definitely another highlight in the long-term relationship between BMW and STEREOSCREEN.